Thursday, March 18, 2010

Guilty Pleasure - The Millionaire Matchmaker

So I'm not usually one for reality shows - but I am absolutely IN LOVE with The Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo. Her name is Patti Stanger and she is a cross between my two friends Kathy and Liza (for those of you who know them, you will can't deny it). She owns The Millionaie's Club, which is a matchmaking company for, what else, millionaires. She is so blunt it's rude, but she's always always right. Usually what she does is interview several candidates for a "mixer" and introduces the millionaire to them and lets them pick. More often than not, if the millionaire picks someone she thinks is not a good match (she throws those ones in there for temptations sake, you know the type, bleach-blonde bimbos usually), the date ends badly. The show is sometimes over the top, fixing up gay couples and what-not (last week one of the millionaire's was "bi-curious", the other one was an adorable farmer from Indiana that I would contemplate leaving my husband for), but Patti is uncommonly old-fashioned. Not by Mormon standards, mind you, but by the worlds standards definitely. She has this code of conduct - no lying, cheating and so forth--and if you don't live by it you're out of the club. My favorite rule is that you are not allowed to have sex until you are in a serious, MONOGAMOUS, relationship. How often do you see that on television? Ummmm never. The show is hilarious (I recommend audiences ages 17 and up), and is definitely my telivision guilty pleasure. The show is on Bravo, or you can watch on


Shelese said...

Cool I'll have to check it out! Have you watched the Marriage Ref? What about the family history one Who do you Think You Are?

Melissa said...

I like the Marriage Ref, I haven't watched the other one. I have too many shows!